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Chi Ta-wei


Gwennaël Gaffric

Available on 13.10.15

Momo, a young beautician deemed but lonely and marginal, lives in an underwater city of a future world with the upset ecology. As a child, she contracted a virus of a new kind, and seem to have suffered multiple transplantation of artificial organs. In this world where bodies, identities and gender morph and reinvent themselves, do humans still control their memory and their future? What is the true past of Momo? The prodigious membranes which she uses in her clinic, do they have an unsuspected function?

Membrane is considered by literary criticism as the founder text of the "queer literature" in Taiwan and the current "science fiction queer" in Asia. Yet Membrane can not be limited to a canon of gay literature. Indeed, the multiple themes covered by Membrane is considerable: in this science fiction novel published in 1996 and which is very topical today, Chi Ta-wei questions the very definition of a human world devastated by ecological crisis. By addressing the issue of gender, the body, the relationship between human and android, Chi Ta-wei offers a wide and unique reflection on identity, not only sexually, but in its biological sense: what makes a "human subject": a brain, a body, a memory, a free will?



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