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Rencontre Les Sentiers des rêves

Friday, May 18th 2018 at 6 pm

On the occasion of his arrival in France, Le Phénix invites you to come and take "The Trails of Dreams" alongside the Taiwanese author Walis Nokan 瓦 歷 斯. 諾 幹, belonging to the Atayals (泰雅族) .
You will probably remember Walis Nokan 瓦 歷 斯. 諾 幹, for having discovered him in the collective publication Taipei, stories around the corner. He is once again translated into French with his own short stories The Trails of Dreams.

In this book, you will discover nearly two hundred texts that oscillate between poems and short stories. The author, drawing on his observations, his readings and his own experiences, takes us on adventures where the real and the imaginary flirt.

Walis Nokan began to write in the 1990s. He himself is a member of the Austronesian group of Ayals, he is very committed and works for the recognition of the indigenous cultures of Taiwan. Do not wait to discover or rediscover this original and important voice of contemporary Taiwanese literature.

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