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Wu Ming-yi au festival ATLANTIDE à Nantes 2 et 3 mars 2019

Wu Ming-yi, born in 1971 in Taiwan, is a professor of literature at the Dong Hwa National University. Known for his environmental commitment, he is a major author of the contemporary Taiwanese literary scene. Sometimes compared to Haruki Murakami and David Mitchell, he has become a singular voice in world literature. Several of his literary works have been published in French: The Sleeping Navigation Lines (You Feng, 2013), The Man with the Faceted Eyes (Stock, 2014, 2014 Fiction Prize at the Ouessant International Book of Island Books), The Magician on the bridge (L'Asiathèque, 2017) and a short story of the Taipei anthology, Stories around the corner (L'Asiathèque, 2017).

In partnership with the Cultural Center of Taiwan in Paris.

Saturday, March 2nd at Le Lieu Unique (Salon de musique) from 12h to 13h: Great meeting with Wu Ming-yi (Moderation: G. Gaffric, translator)

Sunday, March 3rd at Le Lieu Unique (Grand atelier) from 12h to 13h: conversation around the novel of enchantment with Mikhail Tarkovsky, Wu Ming-yi and Miquel de Palol (Moderation: S. Quetteville, columnist,

Samedi 2 mars au Lieu Unique (Salon de musique) de 12h à 13h : Grande rencontre avec Wu Ming-yi (Modération : G. Gaffric, traducteur)

Dimanche 3 mars au Lieu Unique (Grand atelier) de 12h à 13h : conversation autour du roman de l'enchantement avec Mikhaïl Tarkovski, Wu Ming-yi et Miquel de Palol (Modération : S. Quetteville, chroniqueuse,

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