Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782360571925
Collection: Espace tibétain
13.1 x 15.2 cm
Weight: 597 gr
Pages: 264
First publication: 27/11/2019
Last printing: 11-2019

108 devinettes du Tibet

Translation: Françoise Robin, Véronique Gossot

A beautiful bilingual illustrated book to discover the Land of Snows for the adults and the children

The guessing game occupies a privileged place in the life of Tibetans. To date, no translation into a Western language has been made of these riddles and the publication of this book contributes to the preservation of a weakened heritage. The authors have collected most of the one hundred and eight riddles of the book from Tibetans and have endeavored to transcribe sound and rhythmic games, humor and poetry. They also present the origins of this oral tradition via a series of lived testimonies. The original watercolors which illustrate the solution of each enigma represent the fauna, flora, landscapes and objects specific to the Land of Snows.

Paper book


Françoise Robin

Françoise Robin, professor of Tibetan language and literature at Inalco, is co-author of Thematic vocabulary of spoken language French-Tibetan and translator of Contes facétieux du corpse, books both published in L'Asiathèque.

Véronique Gossot

Véronique Gossot, doctoral student in literature at Inalco, translator of Tibetan literature contemporary, is passionate about Tibet and the Himalayas, where she has made many trips.


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