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A City of sadness

First film to dare to approach the dramatic events of February-March 1947 and the "White Terror" that ensued, A City of sadness (Golden Lion in Venice in 1989), a masterpiece of the Taiwanese cinema by Hou Hsiao-hsien, is the culmination of a work "in three voices": those of the director himself, Chu Tien-wen, author of the "treatment" and Wu Nien-jen, author of "continuity in dialogue."

Chu Tien-wen, with sensitivity and analytical talent, gives each character a touching human depth; Wu Nien-jen plays a virtuoso of language levels and situations; Hou Hsiao-hsien interprets and synthesizes, developing the pure style and seduction that is distanced and strength of his films.

This first original screenplay in French published of a Chinese-speaking film is given here to read as a literary work. Through the abundant history and tragedy of the Lim family, we intimately feel the "pain" of the island of Taiwan at a time when the Japanese colonizer gives way to the authoritarian government of the Republic of China. It invites to (re)discover a brilliant woman of letters, well known for her novels and stories, and dialogue-writer (and director) remarkable. It is finally a way to reach a better understanding of a complex and powerful work in its approach to both political and memorial.



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