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Manuel de coréen (Korean Language Manual)

The Manuel de coréen (Korean language manual) is organized into 17 lessons. Each lesson includes a text, grammatical explanations, vocabulary, the translation of the text, and several exercises (keys found at the end of the volume). The number of words used is intentionally limited so that the lessons can focus primarily on phonetics and grammar. The student must make an effort to decipher the characters, and then, with the help of the exercises, master the structures and turns of sentences.

In Korean, the difference between what one writes and what one says has striking similarities to the differences between written and spoken French, mostly for the same historical reasons. When one speaks, one favours the easiest syllables to pronounce. However, in writing, one must adopt a uniform style. The student must listen and relisten to the CD, and read and reread the lessons until he or she can easily switch between spoken and written Korean.

"Korean language is the reflection of a thousand year-old civilization and of a very rich and complex culture. It is the language of a country bent under the weight of the past but resolutely turned towards the future. This Korean language manual aims to guide your first steps into this unknown territory. We say "the first step is the hardest",  Koreans prefer to say "the first steps are already half the journey." (extract from the Preface)

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