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Manuel de pashto (Pashto language Manual)

The ambition of the Manuel de pashto (Pashto language manual) is to give the student a reasoned, progressive and solid knowledge of what establishes the armature of the language : grammar. A double approach is possible : follow the classic sequence of the lessons and/or consult the manual as a grammar book thanks to the grammatical Index and to the Table of contents.

Texts in Pashto - texts at the top of the lessons and the examples - appear under three forms : Pashto written form, phonetic transcription, French translation. In these three representations comes to be added the fourth : a gloss which goes from the word for word to a more complex linguistic gloss.

Of course, this manual also useful to learn to write the Pashto written form, an essential dimension of the knowledge of the language.

Texts at the top of each lesson were recorded systematically as well as the correct versions of the exercises. If another passage benefited from a recording, a symbol would indicate it. The recordings can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

Daniel Septfonds, emeritus professor at INALCO (National Institute of Oriental Languages and civilizations), taught Pashto language and general linguistics. He oriented his researches in particular on the dialectology of Pashto and on the oral literature. Habib Kabir currently teaches Pashto at INALCO. He is the author, with Wardag Akbar, of a Dictionnaire pashto-français (Pashto-French Dictionary), published aslo with L'Asiathèque.



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