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Manuel de russe, volume 2 tome 1 (Russian language manual volume 2 part 1)

After the Manuel de russe, volume 1 (Russian language manual, volume 1), which covers the first year of study, Any Barda and Irina Ivanova offer with this Manuel de russe, volume 2 tome 1 (Russian Language Manual Volume 2 Part 1) an original and valuable instrument for intermediate and advanced level students. From the beautiful literary text The Old Cook written by Konstantin Paustovsky (1892-1968), the authors propose translations, analyzes and many exercises that require the learners' active participation. It is for them to improve its ability to translate, clarify and deepen their knowledge in vocabulary, morphology and syntax, and to improve their written and oral skills. The book concludes with a grammatical appendix and the solutions to the exercises. Now in preparation is Manuel de russe , volume 2 tome 2 (Russian Language Manual Volume 2 Part 2), translations, analyzes and exercises around The Queen of Spades by Alexander Pushkin.

Recordings that accompany this book can be downloaded for free here.

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