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Manuel d'indonésien, volume 1 (Indonesian language manual, volume 1)

L'Indonésie au quotidien (Everyday Indonesia)

New revised edition

With about 200 million speakers, Indonesian, the official language of the Indonesian Republic, is by far the main spoken language among the Austronesian languages. The Manuel d'indonésien (Indonesian Language Manual) is first dedicated to standard Indonesian, that is to say the language of newspapers, administration, teaching and professional relations, but it gives a significant place to everyday Indonesian, used for chats and informal relations.
With this book, the learners will acquire most of what they need for exchanging in an Indonesian environment after a year of studies. It presents 24 lessons and 5 units Révisions et bilan (Revisions and assessment) which will allow the students to measure their progression.
Each lesson includes: a dialogue; a list of vocabulary; a grammar course, many exercises and a rich written, audio and iconographic material (over 150 illustrations in full colour). Cultural complements are added to one lesson out of three. A bibliography and an Indonesian-French lexicon are given at the end of the volume. Two hours of audio recordings are going along the manual and can be downloaded for free here. A number of complements can be found here : translation of the dialogues, keys to exercises, transcription and translation of the records concerning oral understanding exercises.
Conceived for the learner to reach level A2 (CECR).
Jérôme Samuel is a senior lecturer at INALCO (National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilisations, Paris). Saraswati Wardhany has been a teaching assistant at INALCO and taught French at the French Cultural Centre in Bandung.

Twenty three full page aquarels from Nicolas Thuret

Also available : Exercices structuraux d'indonésien (Structural exercices in Indonesian)



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