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Nourali le Preux et Marghoumon-Péri (Nourali the Fearless and Marghoumon-Péri)

Bilingual Uzbek-French

After seeing Marghoumon in a dream, Nourali embarks on a quest to find her. What perils, what struggles, and what challenges he must overcome before finding her and returning with her to the land of their fathers with their newborn son !

Fozil Yo‘ldashoghli (1872-1955) is the most famous bard of the Ecole de Chant of Bulunghur in Uzbekistan. A great poet of the Soviet era, having lived through the transition from traditional society to modern world, Fozil is today almost entirely forgotten despite being an enormously talented creator and interpreter. A magnificent work by Rémy Dor. An informative introduction first situates the work in history, and then the text - thanks to a translation both innovative and loyal - reveals itself in all its vivacity and spice.

Book published with IFÉAC



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