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Stay for the night ! "Chao bâched !"

The Afghan way of life

Author of preface

Olivier Roy

Preface by Olivier Roy

In this disturbed time when armed conflicts impose everywhere an atmosphere of violence and where extremist movements claiming to be Muslims carry so many confused young people in their wake and discredit all Muslims, especially the Afghans, Stay for the night! offers an authentic and underestimated face of the Afghan people.

In spite of political dissension, ethnic differences and the entry into modernity, the Afghan people retain through the ordeals it endures constants that it is important to know in order not to misunderstand certain appearances and to consider with benevolence and respect those who hold hospitality as a first virtue.

The politeness of the Afghans is refined, so sophisticated that it forbids them to show off and to blame their odd ones for those who violate their numerous rules of propriety.

This little guide proposes to enlighten the foreign host on what to do and not to do and accompany him step by step in his encounter with families, administrations, people from the cities as well as those in the countryside.

It also addresses at those who wish to learn more about the history, culture and way of life of Afghans as they are faced with meeting or welcoming them. Throughout his presentation of Afghan customs, it tries to pinpoint the dominants of what can be called the Afghan soul.



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