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Based on a communicative approach. Understanding of the language through grammar and vocabulary lessons and oral practice. Plus a progressive study of Chinese characters.

At the end of the study of this work (and of the preceding volume), learners will know about 1,000 usual characters and 2,000 common words as well as the basic grammar of modern Chinese (level B1 of the CEFR).


A host of unusual beings, sirens, fauns, androids, insect eaters, intergalactic investigators, roam the pages of these short stories.


Published on August 19th, 2020

Pashto is the language of Pashtuns, they are more than 50 million worldwide. In French-speaking countries, the study of pashto has not been limited to academic circles for several decades and many journalists, students, aid workers and government agents have started to learn it. In addition, there are more a...


Available on 13.10.15
Momo, a young beautician deemed but lonely and marginal, lives in an underwater city of a future world with the upset ecology. As a child, she contracted a virus of a new kind, and seem to have suffered multiple transplantation of artificial organs.


For the cinema sinophone, the past is a subject of future ...


The Afghan way of life
In this disturbed time when armed conflicts impose everywhere an atmosphere of violence and where extremist movements claiming to be Muslims carry so many confused young people in their wake and discredit all Muslims, especially the Afghans, Stay for the night! offers an authentic and underestimated face of the Afgha...

An old woman did everything to forget the traumatic memories of the Chinese agrarian reform of the 1950s. Her son tries to rebuild this memory and discovers the deadly effects of this recent past.


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