Emna Belhaj Yahia on TV5 Monde


In his program Maghreb Orient Express on TV5 Monde, Mohamed Kaci invites: the duo Mauvais Œil; philosopher and essayist Emna Belhaj Yahia for 80 mots de Tunisie (éditions L'Asiathèque); anthropologist Jean-Loïc Le Quellec for Nos ancêtres les pharaons. Cinq siècles d'illusions sur l'Égypte ancienne (éditions du Détour).

The travel publisher's podcast


In this episode, Clémentine and Clara invite themselves to the home of Hubert Delahaye, a sinologist, mah-jongg enthusiast and great drinker of Japanese tea, to discuss his love for fiction in his stories of elsewhere.

Author of four books published by L'Asiathèque, Hubert Delahaye has spent his professional life at the Collège de France in the field of sinology. He was attached to Jacques Gernet's Chair of Social and Intellectual History of China and then to the Instituts d'Extrême-Orient as a lecturer. It is quite natural that he also became interested in his Japanese neighbors, these islanders so close to the Chinese and at the same time so different... It is comfortably installed in his office that the author recalls his years spent in Taipei, but also in Ogura, a village in the Japanese countryside which will give the name to his first book Lettres d'Ogura. Mixing fiction and reality, does Hubert Delahaye really consider himself a travel writer? In this episode, Clementine, Clara and Hubert allude to the books of the writer listed here, published by L'Asiathèque: Lettres d'Ogura (2017), Histoires de mers (2018), De thé et d'amour (2021), La Statue de Chaojue (2022).

All of Hubert Delahaye's books are available in bookstores, at L'Asiathèque publishing house, and on the travel publishers' website www.librairieduvoyageur.com

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Tribute to Véronique Arnaud


Véronique Arnaud, a great anthropologist and specialist in the language and culture of the Tao, recently passed away. A formidable woman and researcher, whose essential work has been and remains important for the preservation of the Tao heritage, Véronique Arnaud greatly contributed to the success of the translation of Les Yeux de l'océan, generously sharing her communicative passion for the Tao language and culture. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Syaman Rapongan présente "Les Yeux de l'océan"


Syaman Rapongan presents his book "Les Yeux de l'océan : Mata nu Wawa" (video from Librairie Mollat, Bordeaux)

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