Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782911053788
Collection: Hors Collection
16 x 14 cm
Weight: 113 gr
Pages: 80
First publication: 03/07/2002
Last printing: 06/2006

Découvrir le vietnamien (Livre + 1 CD)

Shortened format, with condensed content, and accompanying audio CD : this little manual was designed to be easily consulted at any time and place - especially while travelling. The simple explanations of syntax receive more emphasis than developing an extensive vocabulary (we suggest that the reader use a small dictionary as well). The summaries and indexes facilitate a better understanding of the lessons. Meant both for travellers and for young people who may have lost contact with their original family language, users will find this manual a convenient and valuable tool.

Paper book


Dô Ngoc Tran

The founder of Viet Anh Mon is Master Tran Ngoc Dinh, a Vietnamese who has resided in Italy since 1971, an expert in Vietnamese and Chinese martial arts, who has maintained close contacts with his country of origin and with the old masters residing in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Hanoi, making many trips of research and deepening.


Avant-propos et recommandations
Introduction – La phonétique viêtnamienne
BH1 (bài học sổ 1 – leçon n° 1)
BH2 (bài học sổ 2 – leçon n° 2)
BH3 (bài học sổ3 – leçon n° 3)
BH4 (bài học sổ 4 – leçon n° 4)
BH5 (bài học sổ 5 – leçon n° 5)
BH6 (bài học sổ 6 – leçon n° 6)
BH1-6 -Récapitulatif des leçons 1 à 6
BH7 (bài học sổ 7 -leçon n° 7)
BH8 (bài học sổ 8 -leçon n° 8)
BH9 (bài học sổ 9 -leçon n° 9)
BH10 (bài học sổ 10 -leçon n° 10)
BH11 (bài học sổ Il -leçon n° 11)
BH12 (bài học sổ 12 -leçon n° 12)
BH7-12 -Récapitulatif des leçons 7 à 12
BH13 (bài học sổ 13 – leçon n° 13)
BH14 (bài học sổ 14 – leçon n° 14)
BH15 (bài học sổ 15 – leçon n° 15)
BH16 (bài học sổ 16 – leçon n° 16)
BH17 (bài học sổ 17 – leçon n° 17)
BH18 (bài học sổ 18 – leçon n° 18)
BH13-18 – Récapitulatif des leçons 13 à 18
A1 – La prononciation
A2 – Les accents ou signes diacritiques
A3 – Prééminences dans la conversation
A4 – Les mots composés
A5 – Les nombres
A6 – La désignation des pays
A7 – Se situer dans le temps
A8 – Les animaux et les choses
A9 – Divers mémorandums