Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782360570577
Collection: Dictionnaires L&M
13.5 x 21.5 cm
Weight: 1175 gr
Pages: 1136
First publication: 15/04/2015
Last printing: 02/2021

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Dictionnaire général pashto-français

This Pashto-French general dictionary is the successor to the Pashto-French dictionary published in 1999 by l'Asiathèque. The Pashto-French general dictionary includes more than 40,000 entries from modern vocabulary, spanning the literary and technical but also the familiar and juvenile. It includes etymologically "Pashtun" words as well as the numerous Pashtun words borrowed from Persian, Arabic, Hindi and other Indian languages. The dictionary also lists regional variants for the vast part of its entries, dialectization being an important characteristic of Pashto, seeing as it is spoken by a tribal society that inhabits a terrain of ​​steep valleys. For each entry in Pashto, a transcription in the Roman alphabet is provided, as well as the grammatical category of the word. A chapter is also devoted to past and present radicals and irregular verbs.

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(Mohammad) Wardag Akbar

Agrégé of French Universities in orthopedic and trauma surgery and member of honor of the Pashto Academy, Wardag Akbar has also translated into Pashto and published many short stories from contemporary French authors.