Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782360571826
Collection: Hors Collection
12 x 18 cm
Weight: 157 gr
Pages: 160
First publication: 14/11/2018
Last printing: 09/2018

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Histoires de mers

Captivating stories worthy of the great writers of the sea

The sea knows stories. She has so much to tell that one wonders if she is not making some up. We don't always listen to them because some of them scare us. The sea lends itself with complacency to the romantic or the tragic. She's like life, she has a taste for drama, she doesn't talk about herself, just what she sees and the news that the rivers and the shores carry. She knows what makes us go or come back, what goes in or goes out, what to buy or sell, the daring of sailors and the fate of the missing. She's seen it all, since the time she's been watching us move. She knows a lot about the world and about us, as well as about the manners, customs and journeys of the aquatic creatures she shelters. Does she suspect that she is playing the lead role in those movies and books that feed our fantasies? Are these Sea Stories true? They speak of captains, ships and harbors, fishermen and adventurers, sailors and the reckless, uprooted and indigenous, distant lands and shipwrecks. We have to listen to hear about the good and bad fortunes of the men whom the sea entrusts to the wind, while it keeps to itself the secret of the abyss and the sex of the islands.

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Histoires de mers
"... Fine and tender, delicate and beautiful, even if like me, you like the sea, but not too close, I like to see it, to feel it, to walk along, you will like this book ...

(Lyvres, 27/11/2018)
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Histoires de mers
"... His love of travel, his great tolerance and his boundless curiosity, the particular look he has on people, whom he always observes with great humanity, great psychological finesse and a lot of respect, make of his writings living testimonies of the countries he crosses ... "

(Dans la Bulle de Manou, 26/11/2018)
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Histoires de mers
"... Histoires de mers is an excellent collection of short stories for those who like beautiful stories well anchored in a setting subtly enhanced by the intimate knowledge of an author ..."

(Sur la Route de Jostein, 14/11/2018)
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Histoires de mer
"... Bewitching, dramatic stories of captains, fishermen, sailors entrusted to the sea which plays the main role here ..."

(, 30/10/2018)
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Hubert Delahaye

Hubert Delahaye spent his professional life at the Collège de France in the field of sinology. He was attached to the Chair of Social and Intellectual History of China by Jacques Gernet then at the Institutes of the Far East as Lecturer. It was only natural that he was also interested in the neighbors Japanese, these islanders so close to the Chinese and at the same time so different ...


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