Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782901795339
Collection: Hors Collection
15.8 x 24.1 cm
Weight: 268 gr
Pages: 134
First publication: 04/06/1988
CLIL: 4093
BISAC: SOC008020

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Le jeu de l’indulgence

Étude de psychologie fondée sur le concept japonais d’amae

Translation: Dale Saunders

Preface : Yves Pélicier

This volume sheds a unique light on the feeling of emotional dependence, a universal phenomenon which takes a very particular form in Japan. From the word amae, indulgence, derives the verb amaeru, to indulge, or to take advantage of someone's love or friendship. In baby-talk, the word amae evokes the notion of sugar or honey. A multitude of Japanese verbs derive from variations of amae, which leads to the conclusion that this sentiment is at the heart of the Japanese emotional life.

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Doi Takeo

Born on March 17, 1920 in Tokyo, Doï Takeo, having obtained his doctorate in medicine at the University of Tokyo in 1942, has occupied, during an exceptional career, various positions both in Japan and in the United States. Transcultural psychopathology and psychotherapy are his main areas of research; his observations are of interest to psychoanalysis, linguistics, philosophy and sociology.