Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782915255799
Collection: Langues INALCO
16 x 24 cm
Weight: 205 gr
Pages: 320
Edition : 2008
First publication: 29/09/1994
Last printing: 10-2022

Manuel d'arabe moderne, volume 2

This volume follows Manuel d'arabe moderne, volume 1 (Manual of modern Arabic, volume 1), and allows students to complete their introduction to modern Arabic. Texts, vocabulary, and grammar lessons are all followed by exercises. Keys to the exercises, a glossary, and a grammatical index are included at the end of the volume. The book is accompanied by two CDs, you can either order the complete pack (book + 2 CDs) or the book alone or the CDs alone. Book updated by Marie-Claire Boulahbel.

Paper book


Luc-Willy Deheuvels

Luc-Willy Deheuvels, associate of Arabic (agrégé d'arabe), is a university professor at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO), director of CERMOM, Center for Middle East Mediterranean Studies and Research and president of the jury of the aggregation of Arabic. He is the author of the Manuel d’arabe moderne (volume 1 and 2), published by l'Asiathèque, which is a reference that has been reissued for more than 20 years, renewed in 2021 with the Méthode d'arabe - arabe littéral, volume 1, and volume 2, in preparation.


Bibliographical guidance
Main signs and abbreviations
CD audio tracks
Lesson 16
Lesson 17
Lesson 18
Lesson 19
Lesson 20
Lesson 21
Lesson 22
Lesson 23
Lesson 24
Lesson 25
Lesson 26
Lesson 27
Lesson 28
Lesson 29
Lesson 30
Vocalized texts
Solutions to the exercises
Grammatical index