Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782911053122
Collection: Langues INALCO
16 x 24 cm
Weight: 426 gr
Pages: 200
First publication: 20/01/1997

Manuel de qazaq (Livre + 2 CD)

Langue et civilisation du Kazakhstan

These nineteen lessons contain grammatical explanations, dialogues, and texts in Kazakh, as well as exercises. They also present information about Kazakh civilization, including its history, social organization, customs, cuisine, literature, etc. Solutions to the exercises can be found at the end of the volume, along with two glossaries (Kazakh-French and French-Kazakh). The book is enriched by two audio CDs.

Paper book


Rémy Dor

Rémy Dor, university professor, linguist and ethnologist of the Turkish world, previously published at the Asiathèque in the “Bilingual L & M” collection five works devoted to various aspects of literary creation, oral or written tradition: lyric chantefables, tongue twisters, logogriphs, rhymes and riddles. He is a professor at Inalco.




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Leçon 19

Corrigés des exercices

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Glossaire qazaq-français

Glossaire français-qazaq

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