Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782360570409
Collection: Langues INALCO
17 x 24 cm
Weight: 750 gr
Pages: 496
Edition : 2012
First publication: 26/01/1999
Last printing: 10-2021

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Manuel de russe Vol. 1 (Livre + 1 CD mp3)

A reference book for more than 20 years. Fifth edition. An active method for beginners, for self-study or university students in the first year. Aims to train the communicative competence in four areas: written and oral expression, reading and listening comprehension. With numerous exercises, a grammar appendix and a glossary. The main idea of this fifth edition, which benefits from the very thorough review of the fourth edition, is to make learning vocabulary a little lighter with a more clearly marked distinction between active vocabulary and passive vocabulary. Solutions to the exercises are at the end of the book. The expanded format of the book provides a clearer view on Russian Cyrillic characters. With a mp3 CD (about 4 hours an 45 minutes of recordings).

Paper book



Solutions to the exercises (in French)

Audio recording

Mp3 audio files (zipped folder)


Any Barda

Any Barda is a linguist, Russian language specialist, Russian associate and holder of a state doctorate, she was a lecturer at INALCO (National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations).

Irina Ivanova

Irina Ivanova is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Lausanne.


Conseils d’utilisation
L’écriture des lettres cursives
Leçon 1
Leçon 2
Leçon 3
Leçon 4
Leçon 5
Leçon 6
Leçon 7
Leçon 8 – Partiel I
Leçon 9
Leçon 10
Leçon 11
Leçon 12
Leçon 13
Leçon 14
Leçon 15 – Partiel II
Leçon 16
Leçon 17
Leçon 18
Leçon 19
Leçon 20
Leçon 21
Leçon 22 – Examen final
Annexe grammaticale
Corrigés des exercices
Table détaillée des leçons
Table de l’annexe grammaticale
Index des plages du CD mp3