Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782360570225
Collection: Grands bilingues
13.5 x 21 cm
Weight: 353 gr
Pages: 320
First publication: 26/09/2012
Last printing: 09/2012

Raf Raf Express

bilingual Hindi-French

Translation: Renaud Lavandier

This collection of twelve short stories gives a vivid image of everday life in Indian village and market town, and what people coming from the countryside face once arriving in cities. The divisions among the Hindu community and the muslim community, often stimulated by local politicians, have been experienced by Abduls Bismillah in person. The misfortunes of his characters, often uncommon and very touching, are based on true events, directly witnessed by the author, and thus, give them a particular relish and very special authenticity. The book is a bilingual edition, with at first the translations in French, and then the Hindi texts.

Eight of the twelve short stories are read in Hindi by Kavita Garg and Harit Joshi available in the "Media Library" tab.

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Audio recording

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Abdul Bismillah

Abdul Bismillah teaches Hindi and Sanskrit at the Faculty of Humanities and Languages in New Delhi. He is an author of novels and short stories beloved in India and translated into several languages. He is a Muslim.


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