Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782360570973
Collection: Les bilingues
12 x 18 cm
Weight: 159 gr
Pages: 160
First publication: 01/11/2017
Last printing: 10/2017

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Cambodge, me voici !

bilingual Khmer-French

Translation: Sovannary Stehly

The torments and laughter of four modern women, between France and Cambodia.

The torments and laughter of four modern women, between France and Cambodia, in a play in two versions (Khmer and French, facing each other). In the play Cambodia, Here I Come !, four women of different generations meet at the Cambodian consulate in Paris. They come into conflict and tear each other apart, but also enjoy their experiences of integration, and of exploring their relationship to their homeland and to their adopted country. This bilingual book Cambodia, Here I Come! presents the two versions in vis-à-vis format. It will interest not only learners of Khmer but also lovers of Cambodia and all readers in search of contemporary literature articulating the universal experience of divergence between two cultures more generally.

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Jean-Baptiste Phou

Jean-Baptiste Phou, born January 24, 1981, is a French-Cambodian actor, singer, author and director. He has participated in musicals and acted in films in France, Cambodia and the United States. For the theater, he wrote and directed his first play Cambodia, Here I am, then adapted and performed The Anarchist from Soth Polin's novel.