Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782911053290
Collection: Dictionnaire des Langues O'
11.9 x 15 cm
Weight: 239 gr
Pages: 312
First publication: 19/06/1997
Last printing: 05/2014

Dictionnaire français-birman

This dictionary may be small, but it contains more than 6,000 entries and is ideal for French speakers who want to express themselves in Burmese and understand Burmese conversations. The volume begins with an introduction to the writing system, so that readers understand the signs and pronunciation. A Burmese lexicon and explanation of essential grammatical marks follows. In the dictionary itself, the pronunciation and the writing of the word are both indicated. The volume concludes with a list of modern conversation basics, as well as proverbs, which are indispensible keys to unlocking and understanding the culture.

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Denise Bernot

Denise Bernot, maiden name Clément, born on February 4, 1922 in Paris and died on May 12, 2016 in Antony, is a French linguist, specialist of Burmese language. She headed the Burmese Studies Department at INALCO (Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales). Co-author of Manuel de birman (Burmese Manuel), of Grammaire birmane (Burmese Grammar) and Dictionnaire français-birman (French-Burmese Dictionary) published at L'Asiathèque, she is the author of numerous books and translations on Burmese language and literature.

Myint Marie Yin Yin

Marie Yin Yin Myint teaches Burmese at INALCO.