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Collection: Les bilingues
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First publication: 18/02/2002
Last printing: 07/2022

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Histoire de renaissances

bilingual Hindi-French

Translation: Annie Montaut

K. B. Vaid, who is considered one of the most important writers in his country and is already widely known throughout the world, has had few of his works translated into French. One of them, a play, 'La faim c'est le feu' (Hunger is Fire), was published by L'Asiathèque in 2007. Imbued in Indian culture, these short stories simultaneously sharply question the value of traditions and beliefs. Annie Montaut, the translator, has compiled this collection in order to provide the French public with a window into the multi-faceted and complex coherence of Vaid's work.

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Krishna Baldev Vaid, Indian writer.

(Le Monde, 23/02/2020)
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Krishna Baldev Vaid

Krishna Baldev Vaid, born in 1927 in Punjab, present-day in Pakistan, has long had a parallel academic career in English literature and a career as a writer in Hindi. His work is distinguished by its inspirational originality, its humor, and an anti-realism that breaks with ideological and stylistic conventions. He is the author of about twenty novels, many short stories (La Splendeur de Maya et Lila, published by Caractères). His great novel on score appeared in French under the title Requiem pour un autre temps (InFolio). He is also a playwright whose six plays have been performed successfully in India.

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Annie Montaut

Annie Montaut, professor emeritus of universities, is a great specialist in Vaid's work. She taught modern and contemporary French literature in Canada and India before turning to general linguistics in Nanterre, then to Indian linguistics and Hindi literature at Inalco. She is the author of around a hundred articles dealing in particular with linguistics and Indian literature. She is also a literary translator, mainly from Hindi to French.


Rue des relents
एक बदबूटार गली
Un soir avec mademoiselle Lafaim
थूख कुमारी के सा थ एक शाम
Dans son étreinte
उसकी आग़ॊ श में
Histoire de renaissances
िपखले जन्म की बात है
L'objet introuvable
उस चीज़ की तलश