Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782901795582
Collection: Hors Collection
16 x 24 cm
Weight: 914 gr
Pages: 520
First publication: 06/10/1994

Manuel des kanji usuels

Acquérir la maîtrise de 1 945 jôyô kanji et de 1 257 composés d'usage courant

The Japanese language uses some 5,000 kanji, characters from Chinese, with the exception of a small number  made by Japanese themselves. Reading the press requires knowledge of 1,945 of them. The young Japanese master them in stages over their nine school years. By comparison, the required effort to memorize kanji is much more intense for adults who just start learning Japanese. Therefore, this guide has been designed to help them with the memorizing processus. Two indexes, organized by number of lines and by readings, make easier the reading of the book.

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Introduction: présentation générale du pèlerinage 'de Shikoku
Éléments de bibliographie
Un mot sur le choix des documents
EXERCICE 1 –  Registres administratifs concernant les dons de settai
EXERCICE 2 – Fuda de pèlerins
EXERCICE 3 –  Règlement relatif à la circulation des henro
EXERCICE 4 – Le carnet de route du henro Motonoshin
EXERCICE 5 – Rapports de fonctionnaires ayant pris en charge deux pèlerins en difficulté