Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782360573004
Collection: Langues INALCO
17 x 24 cm
Pages: 420
First publication: 10/11/2021
CLIL: 3034

Méthode d’arabe

(Arabic Language Method)

arabe littéral — volume 1
(literal Arabic - volume 1)

A renewed reference book for learning Arabic

The language taught with this book is modern Arabic, the national language of all member countries of the Arab League, very close to the classical registers of the Koran and medieval literature. This first volume is devoted to literal Arabic, used everywhere in writing (literature, press, correspondence, signs and panels, etc.) and in certain oral contexts (radio, television, speeches, conferences).
This method is designed to introduce students to the Arabic language as quickly as possible within the framework of a university education. It is also intended for the self-taught learner and gives them all the elements to progress independently.
Almost all written Arabic production occurs without short vowels. This method is designed to allow the beginner to become familiar with this reality smoothly. Learning to read without vowels is one of the essential goals of this method, which offers the progressive acquisition of the different schemas of the language.
The importance given to the spoken word is marked by numerous dialogues intended to make learning more lively and spontaneous. This learning is supported by the sound material: recording of all texts, corrected reading and speaking exercises (to listen directly in the book with the QR codes and also to download free of charge).
At the end of the book are the vocalized texts, a French-Arabic lexicon and an Arabic-French lexicon, a grammatical index and a table of verbal forms.

Levels A1 and A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(C.E.F.R.L.)

Volume 2 (levels B1 and B2) is in preparation as well as the following dialect handbooks: « Méthode d’arabe - arabe marocain » ("Arabic method - Moroccan Arabic"), « Méthode d’arabe - arabe syro-libanais » ("Arabic method - Syro-Lebanese Arabic"), Méthode d’arabe - arabe tunisien » ("Arabic method - Tunisian Arabic" ), « Méthode d’arabe - arabe koweïtien » ("Arabic method - Kuwaiti Arabic"). All these works are authored by Luc-Willy Deheuvels with the help of the various teachers concerned at INALCO (National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations in Paris, France).

  • The well-known and excellent Modern Arabic Manual, renewed and enriched: more attractive presentation with many color illustrations, addition of many texts and exercises.
  • An assertive presence of the dialect: accompanying booklets in a choice of Maghreb and Oriental dialects are being prepared.
  • Extreme attention to speaking: full recording of oral readings and exercises.

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Luc-Willy Deheuvels

Luc-Willy Deheuvels, associate of Arabic (agrégé d'arabe), is a university professor at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO), director of CERMOM, Center for Middle East Mediterranean Studies and Research and president of the jury of the aggregation of Arabic. He is the author of the Manuel d’arabe moderne (volume 1 and volume 2), published by l'Asiathèque, which is a reference, reissued for more than 20 years, renewed in 2021 with the Méthode d'arabe - arabe littéral, volume 1, and volume 2, in preparation.