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First publication: 04/03/2015
Last printing: 03/2015

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Us et coutumes des Kurdes

Translation: Joyce Blau, Sandrine Alexie

Preface : Kendal Nezan

At the request of the Russian consul in Turkey, a Kurdish Sunni mullah describes the main aspects of social organization and Kurdish traditions: the structure of family and villages, the place of women, rules of conduct, festivals and ceremonies , religion and beliefs. Sandrine Alexie is both writer and translator. Author of novels on mythical, medieval or contemporary Kurdistan, she also translated Mem and Zîn from Ahmedê Khanî, a masterpiece of classical Kurdish literature, which is co-published with Geuthner.

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Mahmoud Bayazidi

Mahmoud Bayazidi (1797-1859) was born in Bayazid (Doğubeyazit in Turkish), which is now in the province of Agri, in Kurdistan of Turkey. After studying to Tabriz, he pursued a teaching career in Bayazid, his hometown. Recognized for his erudition and his qualities as a teacher, he wrote this book at the request of Alexandre Jaba, Russian consul then sent to Erzurum, who was very interested in the language, culture and history of the Kurdish people. .

Joyce Blau

A specialist in Kurdish language and literature, a linguist, Joyce Blau is editor-in-chief of the journal Kurdish Studies, she has taught at INALCO and is a member of the "Iranian World" research team at CNRS. She has written numerous scientific articles and performed numerous translations from Kurdish and Russian.

Sandrine Alexie

Sandrine Alexie is an art historian, member of the Kurdish Institute in Paris and has published several articles on the Kurds, as well as translations.


Préface (Foreword)
Us et coutumes des Kurdes, traduction du texte (Kurds habits and customs, translation of the text)
Bibliographie commentée (Bibliography with comments)