Kukrit Pramoj

M.R. Kukrit Pramoj (April 20, 1911 - Bangkok, October 9, 1995), born into a princely family, graduated from Oxford, was one of the dominant figures in Thai political and cultural life in the mid-twentieth century. As a politician he was notably President of Parliament and Prime Minister. As a journalist and a critic he has written countless articles and editorials on a wide variety of subjects. He was a fertile writer and has published more than twenty books, sometimes in the form of serials, which have profoundly influenced the writers of his generation. Among his novels, Huan Nang ("the Huns"), Jocho (name of one of the heroes of the book), and especially Phai Daeng ("Red Bamboo") and Si Phaendin ("Four reigns"), have assured him in Thailand immense notoriety. Kukrit Pramoj's work is fueled by a moral reflection based on notions of karma and impermanence, but his humanism tinged with humor and tenderness is never heavy and his sharp line has made him compare to Voltaire.