Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782360570737
Collection: Monde coréen
13.5 x 21.5 cm
Weight: 215 gr
Pages: 168
First publication: 09/03/2016
Last printing: 03/2016

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L’Art de la controverse

Translation: François Blocquaux, Lee Ki Jung

Korean burlesque tragedies, a collection of short stories translated from Korean

A collection of six short stories in which characters see their lives turned upside down by impromptu situations or changes of habit. Author of numerous collections of short stories, Park Hyoung-su, born in Chuncheon (South Korea) in 1972, made his debut as a writer in the 2000s with texts written for the literary magazine Hyundae Munhak. He teaches creative writing at Korea University. His work, still little translated, disconcerts and fascinates with its creative power and originality. With a sharp and incisive writing, a sharp humor and a taste for absurd situations, Park Hyoung-su is a master in the art. "It twists, tortures, mistreats and distorts reality to dynamize a sanitized rationality. (Pyun Hye-young, Munjang) "His stories captivate the reader by deploying an abundant network of meanings. ". (Hwang Sok-yong, Munhak Dongnae)

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L'art de la controverse
“... South Korea - guest of the last Book Fair - described by its sons forgets Confucianism and leaves its elders to commit suicide for lack of family help. This is one of the effects of this ultra contemporary society depicted by Park through six puzzling scenes of life ... "

(PSYCHOLOGIES, 01/04/2016)
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L'art de la controverse
"... The author uses a very catchy style, simplifying situations but not their meanings, while succeeding in creating a surprisingly absurd atmosphere which does not hesitate to play with words in order to reform reality, to give it a less down to earth aspect ... "

(culturellement vôtre, 21/03/2016)
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L'art de la controverse
"... This art, the central character of this short story learned from his father, who himself got it from his father ... And he excels at it. Until the day when he finds himself stronger than himself ... "

(Les lectures de Martine, 20/03/2016)
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"In these short stories, both cunning and desperate, the characters seek to control the course of their lives. How to limit the effects of chance? To fight against an apparent determinism? Whether they are willful or helpless, Park Hyoung-su's heroes wonder how to regain the upper hand. ..."

(Le Monde des livres, 18/03/2016)
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L'art de la controverse
“... Six short stories written by a South Korean author, born in 1972 who teaches creative writing. Extremely original, the collection begins with the short story which gives it its name ... "

(L', 18/03/2016)
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L'art de la controverse
“... six short stories all grouped together under the theme of the art of controversy, as the title suggests.
But make no mistake, in their combative aspects, the heroes of this short story are all fragile beings, deeply damaged by their education and by their past ... "

(Dans la Bulle de Manou, 27/01/2016)
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Park Hyoung-su

Park Hyoung-su was born in 1972 in Chuncheon (South Korea), he teaches creative writing at Korea University and part of a youth group writers who strive to break the codes of traditional narrative to find new modes of expression.


L’art de la controverse (The art of controversy)
Par ici, par là (Over here, over there)
Lapins mode d’emploi (Rabbits instructions)
Krabi (Krabi)
Le chauffeur de taxi et l’économiste (The taxi driver and the economist)
Menace sur le territoire (Threat on the territory)