Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782360570430
Collection: Hors Collection
16 x 24 cm
Weight: 365 gr
Pages: 224
First publication: 07/03/2013
Last printing: 05/2017

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Lexique du chinois contemporain

Traduction annotée des 5 000 mots du HSK par niveaux

Presentation of the 6 series of words of the new HSK, hanyu shuipin kaoshi, test of competence in Chinese, with for each word the two forms of writing, their transcription pinyin, the grammatical category to which the word belongs, the French translation. This Lexicon of Contemporary Chinese offers a valuable addition to the Contemporary Chinese Vocabulary Series - HSK Preparation Exercises by Honghua Poizat-Xie, published by the Asiathèque.

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Honghua Poizat-Xie

Honghua Poizat-Xie teaches Chinese language and literature at the University of Geneva. She is also the author of a series of Chinese learning books at L'Asiathèque.

Basil Zimmermann

Basile Zimmermann is a lecturer and researcher, and director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Geneva. He is the author of Waves and Forms (MIT Press, Inside Technology, 2015).

Delphine Goldschmidt-Clermont

Delphine Goldschmidt-Clermont holds a master's degree in Asian studies from the University of Geneva. Employed at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Geneva, she also pursues her activity as a translator, which has been distinguished in several international competitions. She was notably a winner in the 2019 literary translation competition of the Confucius Institute of Geneva for Qin Delong's micro-short story: "Climbing the ladder". She is one of the authors of Lexique du chinois contemporain, published at l'Asiathèque in 2013.


Préface (Preface)
Bibliographie (Bibliography)
Abréviations (Abreviations)
HSK 1 (150 mots) (HSK 1 (150 words))
HSK 2 (150 mots nouveaux) (HSK 2 (150 new words))
HSK 3 (300 mots nouveaux) (HSK 3 (300 new words))
HSK 4 (600 mots nouveaux) (HSK 4 (600 new words))
HSK 5 (1 300 mots nouveaux) (HSK 5 (1 300 new words))
HSK 6 (2 500 mots nouveaux) (HSK 6 (2 500 new words))
Index général par ordre alphabétique (pinyin et caractères) (General idex in alphabetical order (pinyin and characters))