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A host of unusual beings, sirens, fauns, androids, insect eaters, intergalactic investigators, roam the pages of these short stories. With his experimental but always sensitive writing, Chi Ta-wei invents worlds to come which, while strangely resembling our own, reveal the poisons that gnaw at him and strive to find the antidotes. After Membrane, a powerful and poetic science fiction novel on the mutations of the body and memory, he questions here the excesses of our technical societies and the normativity of our identities.

Chi Ta-wei (born in 1972) is one of the singular voices of the world literature of the imagination. He is the author of several fantasy and science fiction novels and short stories. He is an important figure in the movements for the defense of the homosexual cause on the island of Taiwan. Membrane (published in French by L'Asiathèque in 2015 and by Le livre de poche in 2017) is considered the first Chinese-language "queer SF" novel.



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