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Histoires de démocratie à Taiwan


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At a time of a globalized crisis where the singular voice of Taiwan is beginning to be heard, the collection of short stories Formosana allows French-speaking readers to understand the historical and social trajectories of this island whose situation stands out in the concert of the United States. nations. Literature thus appears to be a privileged medium for discovering what the Taiwanese experience can offer the world. When speaking is often reduced to its bare minimum (a sentence, a tweet, a post), literary speaking, by showing the complexity of a society and a culture, is more essential than ever.

In this anthology are proposed nine texts by different authors and representative of the current Taiwanese literary scene. They each approach through original stories of inspiration and varied style a multitude of facets of the history of their country: its political history (the Japanese colonization, the events of February 28, 1947, the white terror, the lifting of martial law, the process of democratization of the country…) and its social history (indigenous movements, workers, feminists, LGBT, students, environmentalists…).


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